Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bad timing

A couple days ago I posted on reddit.com about my experience of being caught walking by other runners.(I'll post a link below) Here was the post:
"I had my long run today of 16 miles. I still had some energy left at the end of my run and decided to tack on a couple extra miles. Well on my way back from my bonus round I had to stop due to pure exhaustion. Not 60 seconds later I see this gorgeous girl in the distance running towards me. It was to late. If I started running now I would look like I was trying hide my being walking. So I pretended to check my watch as she got closer like "yup only 30 more seconds till i have to start more running" did the Ol' wave and smile thing when she went by and after she went past I felt like an idiot and ran the rest of the way back. I'm not saying breaks are bad and your weak if you take breaks. Its just that in the moment that you see other runners you have this feeling that you need to have perfect form running the same speed if not faster than the other runner. I know in reality I'm sure she was thinking "What a sweaty sweaty man""
I got quite a few comments on it. Half agreed that getting caught sucks and I think about half the others said they didn't care. I think the people that said they didn't care are lying bastards and probably care the most  , but just can't admit it. Which is kind of stupid considering your mostly anonymous on Reddit unless you tell others who you are. At the time it was kind of awkward, but now I kind of laugh at myself. One guy commented "Lol I bet when she went by you wanted so badly to be able to tell her "just ran 16 miles okay!" I'm a actually a badass."" which I then replied "Pretty much. Then she would rip off her sports bra and make love to me on the spot."
    Anyways, I don't really care that much now, it wasn't the first time I had been caught and probably won't be the last. I'm hoping that it doesn't happen at the marathon, but if it does I'm sure I won't be the only one and I for sure wouldn't judge them as being weak. In fact I would probably try to encourage with 'come on buddy" although perhaps they don't want to hear after mile 19.
    I think it's humorous that runners feel insecure with other runners around, especially if that runner is obviously in better shape with his tight fit short shorts, super moisture wicking Under Armor shirt, Oakley sunglasses, iPhone armband, and some brightly colored shoe from a brand you never heard of. You know who you are. I guess I could point to myself since I'm guilty of four of those things. Still, when I was starting to develop my running ability I made routes that I knew there would be hardly anyone around. Like I said in my second post "In the beginning" my first route was through a cemetery where I would only see old people mostly. I did feel bad running by them when they were visiting there deceased loved ones. Imagine visiting your dead wife and your in the middle of remembering the good times and then this sweaty man comes stubling upon your spot all red in the face busting through the peace and quite that was there before my fat ass decided to break the moment. Oh well they'll live or possibly not if were talking about the other one. One time I was running my usual and there was a service for WWII vet going on. I didn't realize that there was a funeral taking place because of slight hill that was blocking my peripheral. All of a sudden they did the 21 gun salute and I about shit myself. Here I am in my own little world running down a dirt path avoiding the public eye trying to wipe out the sweat that is stinging his eyes and a bunch of geasers are firing off M1 Grands over my head. Its safe to say that I shit my pants and hit the dirt. This is why its nice to not have anyone around when your running. I assumed it would also prevent being shot at, but I guess not.
 Map of my grave yard run.

    Here is the link to my post on reddit.com. Some of the comments are pretty funny.

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